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My Waco Paradigm Shift

My Waco Paradigm Shift

I had a rough day today. I worked in the afternoon rather than the morning. I didn’t sleep well because my baby didn’t sleep well. And, I missed out on a day’s worth of sightseeing in a town I may never visit again. Waco, TX, looks wonderful and just driving by the campus of Baylor University is enough to cause any vehicular accident; it’s stunning.


When I finally let myself leave my desk — ya know, for food — I got a chance to drive through a few blocks of Waco. Making sure to drive through neighborhoods, rather than main roads, I was able to examine some of the homes here. What I found was not what I expected.


Since the purpose of our adventure is the discovery of the next place we will call home, I expected to realize some opinion about whether I could see myself here or not. What I realized was, I want a home. I don’t want an apartment. I don’t want to rent or lease, I want something I can call my own. A yard to maintain, decorations to delegate, and perhaps a dog to greet me at the door. I have always said this is what I wanted but, until today, I’m not sure I really did.


I don’t know how this thought and feeling will change the rest of our trip. I do know I’m glad it came when it did. Everything within the trip so far has been less about evaluation and more about getting to where we needed to go — okay sometimes it’s been about nothing but baseball, but don’t judge us. This could not have come at a better time. Tomorrow, we leave for Austin, TX, which is one of the places we have felt drawn to truly explore and evaluate.


I will do my best to let you know how my feeling develops and what impact it has on the cities we explore. For now, just know I have renewed faith in our efforts and a slightly shifted paradigm moving forward.



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