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To Be… or Not to Be… or Whatever I Want to Be

To Be… or Not to Be… or Whatever I Want to Be

While we are nowhere near the completion of our journey, I realized we are engaged in a greater discovery period than we ever realized. We are discovering more about ourselves as parents, lovers, friends, guests, and the list goes on and on.  


I love the job I have now. I really do love what I do. But, I spend time thinking about some of the other things I want to do with my life. In Orem, UT, I wanted to be a New York Times best selling author. By the time we reached Carlsbad, NM, I wanted to spend my time making amateur documentary films. In Dallas, TX, I learned about the benefits of becoming a loan officer.


Transitioning out of the Army and into civilian life is a challenge. But, the biggest challenge of all is a number of choices I have. I can, literally, be whomever I want to be. I can mold my life in whichever direction I chose. I truly believe, that upon the foundations I have built, nothing can stop me from achieving the success I imagine in any discipline or industry.


Grant Cardone says success is an obligation. As a husband and father, I am obligated to be successful, in order to provide for my family the best way possible.


I work hard to make that happen now. I spend hours every day working or educating myself in the business, just so I can be successful.


The best part is…the most exciting thought is…that I can do all of those things if I want. Nothing is stopping me from becoming a loan officer, who makes documentary films, and spends some of his free-time writing New York Times bestselling books. I can balance that while being a great father. While being a great husband. While being a committed member of society.


We have a lot of time left in this trip of ours. Yet, at the same time, I know we don’t have that much time left. It’s odd to consider our trip almost ⅓ of the way completed. Yet, that is the reality. I’m excited to see what comes about in the next two months. Who knows what I’ll want to do by September 1st? Maybe I’ll want to flip houses. We are in Waco, and Joanna and Chip Gaines are right around the corner.


With renaissance-man love,



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