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Cupcakes and the Fall

Cupcakes and the Fall

We just arrived in Waco, TX. I have been thrilled to get here! Though I enjoyed all of the variety of Dallas, I was excited to get down to the small town feel. I missed that! I feel like these last few days have been so much better on this trip. We’ve decided that we need to stay in places that have separated bedrooms and at least a hot plate for the kitchen. This way, the Bear can take uninterrupted naps and we can cook a little. Honestly, with those things, this trip is so much more comfortable and profitable.


I’ve been able to get myself back on my ketone diet, it makes me feel amazing! It feels good to have a little control with my health right now. I’ve been gaining weight and getting sleepy again. I don’t have time for that! I’m out here to have a great time and to truly experience the places we visit.


Today, I went to the Magnolia Market. It’s this fun home decor and food truck spot in the middle of Waco. The place was built by Chip and Joanna, you know, the “Fixer Upper” hosts on HGTV. It’s full of beautiful country farm decor with a modern flare. The food trucks are in renovated airstream trailers and itsy-bitsy tiny houses. There are flowers, vines, and herbs growing everywhere and the seating outside is fun and inviting. It’s honestly lovely! It’s also the kind of place that makes you think, “This experience is worth the fall off the diet wagon.”


Magnolia Market has a darling bakery that is the talk of the town. Like, THE talk of the town. I looked at the menu with curiosity. “Lemon Lavender Buttercream Cupcake”, “Peach Cobbler Buttercream Cupcake”, “Banana Pudding Buttercream Cupcake”, cinnamon rolls with nuts, and chocolate chip cookies that look soft and perfect! This was the place of flavor dreams.


Somewhere, behind my wide eyes, the back of my mind kept whispering, “Yeah, but you don’t even like buttercream! And it’ll have LOTS of buttercream! Also, remember how awesome you’ve been on your diet lately?”


Well, obviously I caved. And in a freak accident, I ended up with double what I ordered. Great. I seriously wanted a taste and I ended up with nearly the entire menu. And you know what? I didn’t like the buttercream. (The cookie was fab though). I had blown my diet for the day and it wasn’t even worth it.


So, what am I learning? My mind has an over-the-top memory of how great treats are. Also, after just tasting the treat, I typically think, “Yeah. This wasn’t worth it.” The problem with traveling is that you just don’t know when the true “worth it” treat is going to crop up. So far, I haven’t found one.


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  • I agree on buttercream…but every once in a while it feels good to just sink your teeth into a mountain of it (but don’t swallow!!) Here’s to JoAnna!

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