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Brig’s InBody Results and 1 Month Update

Brig’s InBody Results and 1 Month Update

My wellness journey has reached a new level. I decided to take the science more seriously than ever before. That is where the InBody system comes in. I will briefly explain the system before I reveal the results. If you already understand how InBody works, just jump ahead.

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What is InBodyImage result for inbody

InBody is an machine that measures a person’s body composition via electricity. I found this machine at my physical therapist’s office and, after a brief explanation, I was sold.

The machine takes about 60 seconds to run the electrical current through your body. After it measures your weight, you enter your height, age and gender. Electricity runs from your thumbs.

What is measured

You should know I am 29 years old and I stand at a towering 5 feet, 10 inches. At that time of my first test, I weighed 202.9 pounds. Right off the bat you may guess I was overweight; at least as far as the raw data showed.

For the sake of brevity, I won’t tell you everything the test measures. I will limit the results to percent body fat, lean body mass and water weight. The test also breaks down how much fat is contained in different parts of your body.

Initial results

On March 8, 2017, I weighed 202.9 pounds. That breakdown was:

Intracellular Water: 68.6 pounds

Extracellular Water: 38.8 pounds

Dry Lean Mass: 39.7 pounds

Body Fat Mass: 55.8 pounds

68.6 + 38.8 + 39.7 + 55.8 = 202.9


The 55.8 pounds of fat broke down in five body segments.

Right Arm: 3.3 pounds of fat

Left Arm: 3.3 pounds of fat

Trunk: 31.7 pounds of fat

Right Leg: 7.1 pounds of fat

Left Leg: 7.1 pounds of fat

After four weeks of purposeful diet and consistent exercise, my numbers changed. I knew they would, but the changes were unexpected.


Four weeks later

On April 10, 2017, I weighed 202.2 pounds. That total breakdown was:

Intracellular Water: 70.1 pounds

Extracellular Water: 40.6 pounds

Dry Lean Mass: 40.6 pounds

Body Fat Mass: 50.9 pounds

70.1 + 40.6 + 40.6 + 50.9 = 202.2


Fat breakdown:

Right Arm: 2.9 pounds of fat

Left Arm: 2.9 pounds of fat

Trunk: 28.9 pounds of fat

Right Leg: 6.6 pounds of fat

Left Leg: 6.6 pounds of fat


The Takeaway

Despite losing less than one pound overall, the distribution of that weight was dramatic. I lost five pounds of body fat! But, by simply stepping on a scale, I would have never understood my body transformation. More than likely I would have seen a 202.9 pound to 202.2 pound difference as a sign that I wasn’t working hard enough.

I have way more work to do but I’m definitely on the right track. Better yet, I feel great.

The numbers tell the story. If you can, I encourage you to measure your body mass. The numbers will empower you toward the right decisions.

Stay tuned as we continue our Fitness by the Numbers series.

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