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Why I Support My “MLM” Friends

Why I Support My “MLM” Friends

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]hey’re LM’s! They’re everywhere! I open my Facebook or Instagram accounts and I see many posts from my friends who have started “their own personal business” selling one product or another. I have heard from so many people that they are “sick and tired of these MLM’s!” or “I unfriended people because they kept trying to sell me stuff!”. You mayย feel bombarded by yourย friends who have chosen to take up an MLM business. I understand that your friend’s posts can seem impersonal and forced. However,ย I am going to suggest a change of heart that will bring you closer to these friends, and give them the support they need.

I have tried selling products before: Mary Kay, Blendfresh, ItWorks. I have been tempted by many others too! When I try products from companies that only sell through distributors, I really get excited about them because their quality is great! I think to myself, “So many people could benefit from this!” However, I am not the type of person that is great at marketing and selling. Nope. Can’t do it. So I have given myself a ban from becoming a distributor for another company. But, now that I’ve tried my hand at MLM selling, I appreciate the hard work and bravery that goes into being and MLM entrepreneur.

One thing that I love about companies that sell through distributors is that the buying process isย personal. You get together with friends in a home and have a great time together while learning about a product. If you find the product to be of value (because now you haveย all the information!), you buy from the distributor, which you now have a relationship with! You’ve just spent an hour with this person, asking questions and trying out their product for free. Now, if you want more, you call the girl you now have a friendship with. You support her in her business, you grow you friendship with her, and you get something that you value.

This is such a different experience compared to most retail experiences! I hate going to the M.A.C. counter in the mall- the girl running the show wears too much makeup and looks like she’d rather die than have you ask her if red lipstick would look good on you. You awkwardly stare at the bright colors you aren’t sure you like, then end up just getting the usual anyway. You walk away wondering if there was something that would improve your look, but it just wasn’t worth it to find out.

When it comes to MLM’s, at open attitude is essential. Go into a “party” with a decision that you will make friends, listen, ask questions, and try it out. Also go into knowing that if you aren’t interested in the product, it’s no big deal! The first point is to have a good time, the second is to make friends.


“If you want more, you call the girl you now have a friendship with.”

One of my favorite experiences in friendships has been through these MLM parties! I have made a best friend from one of my distributors, and another great friend in another!

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