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We Are Done!

We Are Done!

That’s right. Tiff kicked cancer’s gnarled ass.

We get questions about Tiff’s progress almost daily. I have to apologize for the delay in broadcasting this information.

The relief we experienced in learning that her cancer was in complete remission was so intense we ran from the situation. We spent the last month catching our breath, taking stock of our life, and designing our future.

The first thing that needs to be said is Thank You! Thank you to our wonderful friends and family who have supported us. We loved the phone calls and messages. We felt the effects of the prayers. Mostly, we cherish the relationships—new and old—which have strengthened in this adventure. We will never be the same and we are fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible people—regardless of geography.

Even though the tumor has stopped growing it is still there. We were told to think of the tumor as scar tissue. It’s dead. Good riddance. But because the cancer was in her lymphatic system, they won’t remove any part of the tumor. She still needs that system intact. The chances of anything resurfacing are remote.

Our future is as bright as ever! We bought a house. Because it is a new build, we got to choose a plot of ground in the new neighborhood and make a ton of design decisions. Basically, we are super pumped. One of our stipulations was that our new home needed to be within our current church boundaries. Success. We actually live in the same neighborhood as three other families in our congregation.

The lot is pretty huge and we are already scheming about dogs and fences and a trampoline for Livie. I’m trying to decide what the perfect “she shed” would look like for a writing studio. Of course, we will call it the Shedquarters. We officially close on the house November 8th!

In other news, cancer did a number on the physical health of both Tiffani and me. Which is why we are newly minted members of a gym here in Greenville. They have three locations, pools, weights, in-house physical therapy, and child care. Wahoo! (As Livie says).

I’m making the final decisions for marketing my first book. Olivia is growing like a weed and is using almost full sentences. Tiffani started working from home (doing what I’ve been doing) and she’s getting the hang of it quickly.

All-in-all, we have an awesome life. We are so excited to move on with what is to come. We are grateful for what has been. God loves us and that is clear.


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