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The Catchup Game

The Catchup Game

I sincerely apologize for being a delinquent blogger! Making videos, editing photos and writing about all-the-things takes time I struggle to find. But I always have stories spinning in my head that need to be shared! I’m assuming, of course, that you want to hear them, and because I’m self-important enough, I believe that you do. So, I will continue to write for you!

We’ve been living in Greenville, SC for almost 3 months now. We had our first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years away from our people. It was hard being away from the traditions and people that we know and love so much. But the blessing of doing this crazy adventure is that we’ve found great friends to celebrate with and make new memories (and potentially new traditions!). And that is exciting.

We spent Halloween with at our church where they planned a big dinner and a trunk-or-treat for the kids. We met a lot of friendly people, but we knew we would have a hard time finding them at church without their face paint on Sunday! (and vice-versa!) We spent a lot of time saying things like, “Were you the scarecrow with the overalls on Halloween?” and they would ask, “Where you the Dia De Los Muertos couple?” 😂 We’re starting to recognize each other much better by now.

Thanksgiving was spent with our new friends Lindsay and Eric, and their family. Another cute couple joined us too, and we had the most relaxing Thanksgiving of my life. The kids played together (and were incredibly sweet to Liv) in the family room while we, the “adults”, talked in the living room. We didn’t expect anything of each other, other than a good time. We tried each other’s dishes and had the best turkey ever. And when it was about 8 o’clock, we said goodbye. I felt a lot of thanks that day; for friends that wouldn’t let us be alone on a gathering holiday, and for my tiny family who is strong enough to try something new together.

Christmas was certainly strange. It didn’t feel like a normal Christmas at all, but then again, of course, it wasn’t! We decided not to purchase any presents for each other or Livie this year. Funds have been tight since our travels and move, and we’re choosing to embrace minimalism even more. Our gift to each other was our undivided attention, our laughs and kisses. That was the sweetest gift. But just because we chose not to get gifts for ourselves didn’t mean we didn’t have anything under the tree! Our families spoiled us with gifts to unwrap and overwhelm the baby with. We video chatted with our people while we opened each other’s gifts, and it took away that pang of missing them. It was almost like we were there in person, just without the hugs. This was probably one of the most memorable Christmas’ I can remember.

We spent New Years with Kim and Tim, their kiddos and Tim’s parents. We had a blast getting together with close friends, it gave us that warm connection that is a little more scarce now that we’re away from our besties back at home. We played games and laughed harder than we have in a long time! 2018 is going to be a good year. I can tell because we chose to start it with laughter and sweatpants.

With oversized sweatpant love,

Brig and Tiff

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