Students, alumni and voter thoughts on election day violence

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The threat of election day violence isn’t stopping the UVU community from voting.

On Nov. 4, 2016, CBS Corp. released information concerning attacks Al-Qaeda has planned to carry out on Nov. 7, 2016, in New York, Texas and Virginia.

“Al-Qaeda is unlikely to actually attack anyone,” said UVU alumnus Michael Thorne. “However, I do believe the threat of violence could stop some from voting.”

Taylor Duke is a UVU alumnus and a graduate of UVU’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps.

“The object of terrorism is to create chaos in order to disrupt a political system,” said Duke. “If voters choose to avoid the voting booths because they are afraid, the terrorists will have been successful.”

Utah has risen to the distinction of a battleground state in this election. Terrorism aside, some worry the definition of battleground could become more than political banter.

“Anytime emotions run high, you have the threat of violence,” said UVU alumnus Jordan Eyre. “Whether threats escalate to the level of terrorism is unlikely, but anything is possible.”

Despite the emotions and threats around the country, Utah County residents report having no worries about violence at the booths.

“If I were in New York, Texas or Virginia I would be very worried,” said Utah County citizen Allanna Junck. “But I feel pretty safe here in Utah.”

“I don’t anticipate any violence during voting,” said Craig Cheek of Provo.

Bryson Roberts, a journalism student at UVU, believes violence around the country is also possible once the name of the next president of the U.S. is announced.

“I believe if Trump wins there will be rioting. Maybe not in Utah, but definitely in the larger cities of America.” said Roberts.

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