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Read Up Greenville Author Festival

Read Up Greenville Author Festival

Brig and I took Miss Livie to the Greenville Read Up Festival. It was such a great time! We had no idea what to expect (other than books, and that gets us out of the door without fail). We were thrilled to see a huge table filled with books. Books we recognized and books that were completely new to us. There is literally nothing more exciting than the sight of a new TBR pile!

We dove in, taking turns entertaining The Bear and reading story summaries. I am always impressed with the unique stories that continually become available. How is it possible for so many authors to think of so many different tales? After much deliberation, we chose 3 to take home:

Naturally, with new books in hand, we needed to meet these new (to us!), authors. Unfortunately, Alan Gratz hadn’t arrived at the convention yet, so we missed the opportunity to meet him. However, we did get to meet our other authors!

Ally Condie and Brendon Reichs were sitting together, and we just happened to get to talk with them while nobody else was around. We found out that Ally Condie grew up where Brig and I did and we had a lot in common to share! There’s nothing like meeting a fellow Utahn on the other side of the country. We asked them what it was like to be a parent and a writer—especially during the times that they weren’t writing full-time. Brendon was lucky enough to be in the position to have an office, and treat writing like a 9-5 job. Ally told us that she started out by writing during her kid’s naptimes and that her husband would take the kiddos out on Saturdays to give her a long period of time to write. “Now,” Ally told us, “my kids are all in school and I get to work during the day.” We laughed about how hard it is to juggle toddlers and… well anything. What a delightful duo!

Mary Winn Heider was probably the sweetest human being I’ve met. We had the funniest, most informative conversation with her (somehow we got to have a lot of time with these lovies!). We talked about why she became a middle-grade author, and about her time getting an MFA at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. (I won’t share her story here just yet, in case she would rather this story stay somewhat on the DL. But if I get an opportunity to ask her for permission, I will share). I felt like we had formed a bond with Mary Winn. Brig and I walked away thinking how absolutely wonderful she was.

Though our time at Read Up was short, and we weren’t able to listen to the panels (Livie might have let us if we weren’t stealing her nap time away) but we were absolutely tickled at this incredible festival put on by Greenville. It was amazing to see families, kids, teens, and 20-somethings participating in the love of reading. We look forward to next year’s event!

Other books added to our TBR from this event:

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