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The Challenges of Mobile Work: Part 1

The Challenges of Mobile Work: Part 1

This morning, just as I sat down to begin the workday, my laptop whipped out a hand painted sign and began a picket line right in front of my productivity.

Before I responded with force, as I may have, I realized my utility infielder had been complaining about the working conditions for a while. For a couple of days I have brushed past messages saying, “Your startup disk is full.” I attempted to fix the problem the only way I knew how. I deleted unimportant files and moved everything else to an external hard drive I have attached to my laptop’s lid with a pair of velcro strips.

As you may have guessed, this didn’t work. In fact, things got so bad I had to place an emergency call to Best Buy’s Geek Squad. After a 20-minute drive, a 40-minute discussion, and a 7-hour wait, my laptop was finally ready to go again.

The squad of geeks I consulted helped me transfer everything to my hard drive. After that, we wiped the laptop clean and reset to factory settings. Then, those awesome geeks did some wand waving and dark magic, and before they closed I had my laptop back.

Here’s the point. If you’re like me—working from the road and little-to-know in-depth technical ability—my world came crashing down real hard. I am grateful to have a nearly on-demand service available to help me through my problems, despite my ignorance.

Working from the road has MANY challenges. But, perhaps none are as debilitating as computer repair. Had I met this difficulty in a location I was passing through, like Albuquerque, NM, a number of things could have changed. Not the least of which is the possibility that we could have been forced to stay in ABQ longer than we planned. It seems small, but with a 10-month old in tow, small changes to our plan may bring interesting consequences.

What is the solution? Do you pack a fail-safe? Is the best thing to spend another $1,000 just in case you have a problem? I have to work. That goes without saying. Do you take the day off, hoping you can make up for it the next day…IF a team like Geek Squad can hook you up with immediate support?

What would you do in that situation? Let me know in the comments.


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