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Learning to Work Remotely- A Comedy

Learning to Work Remotely- A Comedy

Whenever I heard about someone getting to work from home, or who are able to work while traveling, I think, “That is the LIFE! There’s so much freedom and adventure to be had, and you get to work and make money at the same time? BOSS.”


Little did I know how HARD and PAINFUL the growing pains of switching to this lifestyle would be! First, allow me to list all of the great things about working for someone in a set place, at a set time, for a set number of hours in a week:

  1. You know when, where, and how to show up.
  2. There are other people there with you, doing the same things, on the same schedule, and with similar lives! There is power in numbers!
  3. Nothing gets in the way. You go to work, that’s it. No traveling or lack of a place to sit and speak on the phone without getting in the way of someone else.
  4. Routine and familiarity are loyal friends. You get so much done, and have exactly the right amount of time. Then, you’re done and can go home!
  5. Accountability is easy. You come and go at the same times each day, each week.
  6. All you stuff is set up, ready to go. Always.
  7. It’s not awkward to do your work, in fact, people expect you to do your work when you’re at your place of employment!


I didn’t know how truly great it was to work with such familiarity and routine! Now, learning to work on the go, has a lot of funny growing pains. Here are some examples:

  1. “What is the password to the wifi again??” This happens Every. Day. on Every. Device.
  2. “Oh crap. I forgot to charge ALLOFMYFREAKINGDEVICES!” So, what if you forget to charge your phone? NBD, right? Wrong! If I don’t have a phone, I don’t work. If my portable keyboard isn’t charged, I don’t work quickly. If my headphones aren’t charged, I have so many annoying roadblocks I have a nervous breakdown (have to hold my phone to my face for an hour long coaching conversation, have to take notes by pen and paper to be typed later (hopefully my keyboard is charged), can’t pull up notes or documents without saying, “hold please!”. Seriously. Headphones are a must.)
  3. If I’m driving, or in a town with shoddy 4G service, nothing. happens. NOTHING. My life now revolves around wifi and 4G availability. “We’re 5 minutes away from town, WHY don’t I have reception?!?”
  4. Sometimes finding a way to balance my keyboard on my lap so it’s stable enough to type on is a challenge. Turns out, legs are terrible tables.
  5. Sometimes my locations have poor climate control. Like, the car with the summer sun beating through the window. Now I have square sunburns on my thigh and forearm. Also, I’m sweaty.
  6. Did I mention that my devices weren’t charged properly?
  7. Fitting in work hours while traveling is tricky. It’s even trickier to REMEMBER your work hours. Time zones are constantly changing, but not for my clients! “Our appointment was an hour ago? Oh, I forgot, I’m no longer in your time zone! OOPS.”


YOU GUYS. Learning to work on the go is like learning a new game, but the rules keep changing! I feel like my brain is trying to do math that I don’t actually know how to perform.


ALSO, I have a kid. A little sweety who is basically doing the same thing. Her nap and bedtimes are off, and now she has to sleep in a new room! (same bed and blankets though, thank goodness!). Her messed up schedule makes my work schedule really… unpredictable.


All in all though, I am so happy to be having this type of problem as opposed to previous problems. My buddy, Grant Cordone, says that if you’re not trying to solve different problems than before, you’re not making progress. So, here’s to progress!


I love it all.


With low battery love,



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