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It’s August 2nd, and We Didn’t Have to Pay Rent

It’s August 2nd, and We Didn’t Have to Pay Rent

I didn’t have to stick my rent check to the door with a magnet this past week to remember to walk it over to the office. It was kind of nice! At the same time, it was unsettling. We don’t have a home, and we’re mooching off of our family for living space until we can leave on our Big Adventure this Saturday. And yet, we can’t wait to go out and discover what other cities in our amazing country have to offer! We have been discussing at length what we hope to find out there, here’s the short list:

  • A safe place to live. Like, we can walk in the evening without being beaten up, and our neighbors aren’t sketch, and when Livie is old enough she can walk to school.
  • Local businesses abound. We love the sections of Provo and SLC that have locally owned boutiques and restaurants and artists! It provides a level of uniqueness and closeness with the community that you just can’t get in places that only host chain stores and restaurants.
  • A place that does festivals and farmers markets and city activities in the park. We want to connect with our community in all kinds of ways!
  • A place where people are wanting to connect. A place where people are cool with conversations with strangers, and maybe even becoming friends in the supermarket.
  • A place that values the value of services and things. A place that isn’t trying to chince and scrape and devalue everything they come a cross. A place that says, “This experience/service was worth every penny!” Also, a place that doesn’t think that they can get a discount on something because they “know a guy”.

Maybe our list is too high. Maybe it isn’t! I guess this is what this trip is all about. What if there’s a place out there that matches us a little better? I am absolutely willing to admit that SLC has a lot of what we’re looking for. And you know what? I LOVE SLC! I do. But, I just never want to look back at my life and think, “What if there was something more fun out there?”

Back to the rent thing. We didn’t spend that $$ this month, we didn’t pay for our gas/electric and internet. But, we still have bills and we still have to eat and play. Starting 2 businesses is hard. Finances are hard. Working from home is hard! But, even if we lose a little on our savings, and even if we have a bad experience with AIRBNB, and even if we come back and choose to stay in SLC, we truly believe this will be a defining experience in our lives.

So. Excited.

With rent free, but not hotel cost free love,


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