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How I Get Myself to Drink More Water

How I Get Myself to Drink More Water

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]rinking enough water in a day is a constant trial! If you’re like me, you get busy and completely forget to drink water. By the end of the day, I have a headache and my body feels sluggish and tired. A lot of the health problems we all experience are rooted in dehydration! If you feel thirsty or achy, you’re already dehydrated. When you’re trying to be healthy, lose weight, recover from sickness, etc., enough water in your day should be your absolute baseline goal.

How much water should you be drinking in a day? The general rule is to multiply your weight by 2/3 (0.66); that will give you your number in ounces. For example, if I weighed 175 lbs, the equation looks like this: 175 x 0.66 = 115.5. According to this example, I should be drinking about 115 oz. of water each day.

115 oz. may seem like a lot of water, especially if you’re like me and struggle to drink a whole glass of water at once. However, it is necessary to build up to a habit of drinking enough water to support your body’s functions and your overall health goals. (For more info on what drinking water can do for your body, go here!)

Here are some ways I get myself to drink more water every day:

  • Pre-Workout: You heard me. Pre-workout! When I wake up in the morning and get ready for the gym, I fill up a 32 oz. bottle with water and add a scoop of pre-workout. This does two things for me: it gives me a little help getting out the door and it gets me to drink 32 oz. right out-of-the-gate!
    • I use BuckedUp because it’s a mild pre-workout. I don’t get too worked up or hyped, it just gets me going like a cup of coffee.
  • BCAA’s: Now that I’m on my way to the gym, I fill my 20 oz. shaker bottle with water and a scoop of BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids). BCAA’s help slow the breakdown of muscle tissue and it helps synthesize protein! It is a great supplement for your workouts. BCAA’s also help with decreasing soreness after a workout, who doesn’t want that? On top of it all, I get another 20 oz. of water during my workout — I usually go through 2 bottles during a workout — and the leftover flavor from the 1st bottle is still there!
  • Protein Powder: Right after my workout, I fill up my shaker bottle again and add a protein powder. After a workout your body needs to repair the muscles you just tore up, and it needs to use protein asap! Drinking a protein shake within 30 minutes post-workout will help your muscles repair and develop. Also, you’ll get another few oz. of water!
    • I use a bone broth protein powder from Ancient Nutrition. It has a great flavor, it’s not grainy or clumpy, and it doesn’t hurt my stomach (I deal with a bad case of IBS and I’m sensitive to whey protein). It also has collagen which is good for your skin and joints.

So far we’re between 72 and 92 oz!

  • A Glass With Each Meal: A typical glass of water is 12 oz. I try to make it a rule that I have one glass of water for each meal — that’s an extra 36 oz. spaced through the day. Drinking water with your meal also helps with digestion (according to by adding lubrication to the digestive track. It also helps you feel full faster, helping you to eat appropriate amounts of food.

Now we’re between 108 and 128 oz!

A lot of my water for the day is concentrated in my mornings. Though it is recommended that you space your water throughout the day, it’s just a fact of my life that I forget! I would rather know that I had consumed enough even though I drink most of my water in the morning. I have found that there are just some things about myself that cannot be changed! One of those things is that I get busy during the day and forget to stop and drink water. Being in tune with yourself and making habits based on that knowledge is absolutely appropriate! I’ve outlined how I get the right amount of water, but what you’re schedule and abilities allow may be different.

How do you get the right amount of water in your day?



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