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Growing Pains

Growing Pains

As Tiff and I prepare for our headlong dive from the nest, our conversations have taken a more serious tone.
Tiffani’s last post mentioned our desire to find more people “like us.” This is true. However, I have never forced myself to face this reality the way I now must.

Consider this perspective. We are emboldened by a desperate yearning to flee in search of “more.” We are, literally, a flight risk. And, we say, one of our goals is the discovery of people to whom we more closely relate. All the while, our current circumstance has us surrounded by family. I struggle to understand how to explain my feelings when I know I run the risk of hurting those I love.

Have you ever had the urge to declare your immense boredom to an audience filled with your mother, father, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…?

In spite of this sensitivity I can no longer feign contentedness. The status quo is no longer sufficient. Though I mourn any emotional weight this brings, my heart cannot wait to break away.

I have had feelings similar to this in times previous. In those cases, I was able to blame my absence on the military. If people wanted to be angry, let them direct it toward Uncle Sam. My status as a volunteer for a particular assignment was inconsequential once I had orders.

I write this in the middle of learning how to take ownership of my itch for adventure. My need to satisfy curiosity. The ache in my heart for something new. Fortunately, I married an incredible woman who shares my aches and had equal experience ignoring her adventure itch. Together we don’t have to bury our dreams. Together we will see the world, raise a family, redefine our reality as often as we feel inclined.

I hope our families will be understanding. I hope our boredom induced lurch toward freedom brings only more support and nothing but eagerness to share new stories and, perhaps, to inspire them to have more adventures of their own.


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