BOOK REVIEW: A Douche Walks Into a Bar…: An Encyclopedia of Douchebaggary by Jordan Eyre

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This is the most hilarious, and accurate, representation of the douche-opolis we call earth. Eyre writes in a way that makes you feel like you’re listening to a buddy describe the megadouche they just ran into.

This is a perfect gift for your friends and family, especially if they appreciate a fun and snarky perspective.

If you liked My House on the Moon, you’re going to love A Douche Walks Into a Bar…

Publisher’s Description:

What a douche! As we speak, there are morons, jerks, and idiots of all kinds running around your town. They are everywhere; at your gym, at your work, and they have even infested your favorite bar! These douche bags are taking over the world… But can you really call them all “douche bags”? They are all so different, because they each bring a distinct flavor to the game. How can the word “douche bag” be so versatile? There are many different types of douche bags, each with their own unique qualities, characteristics, and that certain ju nu se quois. Within the pages of this book, Jordan Eyre attempts to encapsulate the many types of douche bag you may encounter. Which kind are you?

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