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We are Brig and Tiff (and Livie Bear)!

We live in South Carolina just below the Blue Ridge Mountains. We love each other, where we live, and where life is taking us!

Brig is now a retired member of the US Army. (We are both thrilled and sad about this). After his deployment in 2015, he had a large spinal fusion in his lower back. During his recovery, he kicked ass by getting his BA in Communication (emphasis in Journalism) from Utah Valley University. He is an excellent writer (Tiff says so), and his hopes and dreams are to write many books. He is currently working on a book for first-time fathers, to guide them to becoming the best sidekick their pregnant wife could ever hope for!

Brig has a love for travel that was fueled by his time in the military. He was able to explore South Korea, France, and Afghanistan while serving. He loves to find everything unique about both places and the people he meets.

Tiff was born and raised in sunny, dry Utah. She learned to love the outdoors from her parent’s enthusiasm for traipsing through our country’s awesome National Parks, particularly Arches, Zion’s and Bryce Canyon. She loves exploring new mountains, valleys, cities, and beaches. What she loves most about life is sharing new experiences with her BFF, Brig.

Tiff has found a love for “wholistic” health. She absolutely believes in the connection between body, mind, spirit, food, and connection as the parts that make up health. After she received her BS in Behavioral Science and Psychology from Utah Valley University, she became a school teacher. Though her experiences there (and beyond!) she found a love for teaching. She now is a certified Health Coach throughΒ the Health Coach Institute. Her greatest hope is to guide others to feel amazing in their own skin– to feel connected to their true self, connected to their families, and to find success in their life’s desires.

Livie BearΒ joined our family in Oct. 2016! She has been the single greatest joy to enter our lives. She challenges us to think differently about the world and to slow down and experience life in the here and now. Right now, she loves watermelon, running, digging in the dirt, swinging on swings, and playing with friends.