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10 Days Till We Take Off!

10 Days Till We Take Off!

This is the first time I’ve blogged in years! I think I stopped feeling like I knew what I wanted to say. Or, I should say, I stopped believing that what I had to say was interesting to anyone else. I decided to abstain from politics, I gave up sarcasm, and I picked up looking at others and life with more compassion. My writing style changed, I cared more about finding truth than spouting opinion. All of these things created a blogger midlife crisis!
Now, however, I feel like I am ready to fully embrace the next phase of Tiffani. I have the most amazing life, and I do feel like I have things of value to share! So, here’s to being vulnerable and journaling this next chapter of my journey– of OUR journey.

I’m sitting here typing on an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. I still find this amazing because just a few short years ago, I was forced to sit at a computer or laptop, plugged into the wall in order to write. Now, we’re creating a life where we can work no matter where we are: playing at a park, sitting in a coffee house or a library, driving to our next destination, or just sitting in a quiet room while The Bear sleeps. It’s all amazing, and I am more and more grateful to be living in a time where this new lifestyle is possible.

Brig and I are 10 days away from embarking on an amazing adventure! We’re setting out on a 3 month cross-country road trip to find where we want to settle next. Both Brig and I have felt the desire to move away from home for years, but only now has the opportunity appeared. We had to wait for job flexibility and the dust to settle on his spinal fusion and post deployment stuff. It’s been a long road, but an incredible one. I think Brig and I have become stronger as we’ve decided to push for forward movement in life, despite the incredible challenges we faced. We brought Livie into our family, we decided to take a chance and begin to build our own businesses, and we decided that we no longer wanted to wait for adventure.

We want to experience the many different places of this beautiful planet. We want to make great friends and see sunrises and sunsets from different perspectives. We want to find where we belong- whether that be back at home in Utah, or in France or South Carolina or Uganda. I’m not sure what that will feel like, and I know that feeling has a LOT to do with our own willingness to reach out and create that experience. I think that putting ourselves in a new environment forces us to be our best selves though, and that is the way we’re choosing to create our best selves.

I think another thing we’re looking for is to find more people “like” us- it’s weird to feel different among people who should be like us. And “like” is a weird word anyway- I mean we want to find people who are open to experience and ideas, who want more “than this provencial life”, who want freedom and experience and life. Maybe I’m just jibber-jabbering, but this is something we feel.

So now, we’re trying to prepare- get our affairs in order, figure out how to pack all we need into our Kia Soul, and above all else, how to experience this time together fully. There are so many road blocks and not-so-ideal circumstances, but that will always be the case, won’t it? So, I guess this time is for learning how to overcome the less-than- idea in favor of the grand life living.

With anticipatory Love,


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